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Dedicated Agent support and guidance

Describe your Project and what type of Freelancer you need in terms of competence, experience and availability. Our Agents are ready to help to ensure high quality matching according to your needs and preferences. 

The full matching process in one place

When using Match Enterprise the first screening is already done and matched to your needs. You get to chose amongst selected, vetted Talents presented in your Shortlist based on the expertise and experience you are looking for.

Quickly engage experienced specialists

Our specialised freelancers have vast experience from project based work – fast onboarding, focus on the assignment and delivering value to you as an enterprise customer. 

You get all this with Match Enterprise


We offer a unique marketplace to companies and freelancers wanting to collaborate

Dedicated agent

Get help from a dedicated agent who helps you through the full process

Matching tool

Efficient and dedicated matching process to cater to the unique needs of your project

Easy project tracking

Tap into the Cool Company project planning tool to track and approve the Freelancers' work reported

Compliance Coverage

Agreements easily understood and to the point. Access dedicated service and legal agreements in one place

Payment Solutions

Track and organise invoices and handle expenses in our integrated payment system

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