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Strengthen your team with a freelancing specialist

0 euro

always free*

Perfect for short-term projects, rapid strengthening of your current team or adding specialist competence.

1 active assignment

2  freelance candidates/week

2 hrs of coaching by matching agent/week



Engage a complete team



For the big projects with multi-disciplinary roles and specialist competences.

active assignments

 freelance candidates/week

 hrs of coaching by matching agent/week


* Match by Cool Company is a free-to-use digital service for searching and finding freelancer specialists. You only pay a percentage-based service fee when your contracted freelancer is working on your assignment. The fee is calculated based on the freelancer’s approved work reports and is added to your monthly invoice that you will receive from Cool Company.


How do I find a Freelancer?

You are presented with matched freelancers, you evaluate and decide on the perfect candidate. Our matching agents will assist you in every step – from candidate matching to finalized agreement. Your free account will be created when you enter your first search profile.

What’s the cost?

Match Enterprise is free to use for searching and finding freelancing specialists. You only pay a percentage-based service fee based on your approved work reports from the engaged freelancer.

How do I pay?

You will receive monthly invoices from Cool Company which includes the freelancer’s approved work reports for the period.

How do I create an account?

Even now,  still hard at work developing a new technical platform for Match,  we can help you find freelancing specialist that you need. Click on the Find Freelancer to get started. Our matching agents are standing by to assist you.

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"Cool Company was just a google-search away and when we met their team I instantly felt that we all got along very well . They are lovely and warm people and always extremely solution-oriented."

Peder Broström
Food, Service and Event Manager

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